Below is a series of maps chronicling the history of the Middle East, Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship.
  • Iran's Regional Influence

    Map of Iran's Regional Influence

    Iran has escalated its malign activities throughout the Middle East since the Iran nuclear deal took effect in January 2016.

  • 1967 to 1979

    After successfully defending itself in the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel controlled territory that tripled its size.

  • Biblical Israel

    According to the Bible, the Kingdom of Israel during the reigns of Kings David and Solomon comprised a vast territory with Jerusalem as its capital.

  • British Mandate

    Following World War I, the League of Nations formally gave control of Palestine to the British government. The mandate incorporated the Balfour Declaration favoring the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.

  • Hamas Rocket Ranges

    The Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas has rockets positioned all along Israel's border that can reach several major cities in the Jewish state.

  • Hezbollah's Rocket Arsenal

    The Lebanese-based Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah has rockets that can reach all of Israel's population centers and strategic sites.

  • Iran and its Nuclear Sites

    The Islamic Republic is rapidly advancing toward a nuclear weapons capability in defiance of mandatory U.N. Security Council resolutions requiring the suspension of its nuclear program.

  • Israel Armistice Lines

    The modern State of Israel signed armistice agreements with its neighbors in 1949 after surviving invasions by five Arab armies during the War of Independence in 1948.

  • Israel Today

    The Jewish people re-established the State of Israel in 1948, nearly 2,000 years after the destruction of a Jewish commonwealth in the Holy Land.

  • Jerusalem

    Israel's capital is the Jewish state's largest city and a dynamic multicultural metropolis. Israel protects and guarantees access to Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy sites located throughout Jerusalem.

  • Proximity to Neighbors

    The Jewish state shares borders with four nations, and is in close proximity to capital cities and strategic points in neighboring countries, including the Suez Canal and Tabuk - home to a Saudi air force base.

  • Relief Map

    The threats to Israel are compounded by topographic challenges posed by the terrain of the West Bank, Golan Heights and the low-lying coastal region, which is home to most of Israel's citizens.

  • Security Borders

    In 2003, the Jewish state built a security barrier along the West Bank. In the two years before the barrier was built, 73 Palestinian suicide bombers killed more than 330 Israelis. Since its construction, the number of attacks on Israeli civilians has dropped dramatically.

  • Separation of Transjordan

    In 1921, the British established the Emirate of Transjordan in the area east of the Jordan River and closed it to Jewish settlement, although Transjordan remained part of the British Mandate for Palestine.

  • The Herodian Period

    Herod was king of Judea from 40 BCE to 4 BCE. He oversaw extraordinary building projects, including his palace on Masada and the massive expansion of the Temple in Jerusalem.

  • The Middle East

    Israel is surrounded by Arab nations. All but Egypt and Jordan refuse to recognize or normalize relations with Israel.

  • UN Partition Plan

    In 1947, the United Nations decided to divide the British Mandate of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. The Jewish community in Palestine accepted the plan. The Arabs rejected it and attacked Israel.

  • Weapons Smuggling Routes

    Iran provides advanced weaponry to Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Assad regime in Syria using various land, sea and air routes.

  • Israel's Narrow Waistband

    At its smallest point, Israel is a mere 9 miles wide. View a map of Israel's narrow waistband.

  • Israel Size Comparison

    Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world. See a comparison of Israel's size with other countries and select U.S. states.

  • Iranian Missile Threat

    Iran's leaders have threatened Israel's destruction. See a map of the their missile capabilities against Israel, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.