AIPAC Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal Announcement
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  May 8, 2018
AIPAC Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal Announcement

Iran must never acquire a nuclear weapons capability. AIPAC has long worked with Democrats and Republicans in Congress and with administrations of both parties to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Given the combination of a critically flawed 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and the international community’s inability so far to adequately address these shortcomings, we believe the administration’s decision today provides an important opportunity to address the shortcomings of the deal and to confront Iran’s escalating regional aggression.

Strong and effective economic and political pressure previously brought Iran to the negotiating table. Working with our allies, we must once again use the tools of American diplomacy and economic pressure to fix the deal’s shortcomings and counter Iran’s malign activities. 

We recognize that there are significant differences over this decision. AIPAC remains committed to working with Congress and the administration in a bipartisan fashion to forge policies that will ensure Iran can never acquire a nuclear weapons capability or realize its dangerous regional ambitions.