Senate Committee Adopts Legislation to Penalize Terrorist Payments
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Aug. 3, 2017
Senate Committee Adopts Legislation to Penalize Terrorist Payments

AIPAC applauds the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for adopting the Taylor Force Act (S. 1697), bipartisan legislation which would eliminate funding that directly benefits the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it continues its abhorrent practice of paying salaries to terrorists or their families. The bill—named in honor of U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force, who was brutally murdered in a March 2016 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv—was adopted by the key Senate committee with strong bipartisan support.
For many years, AIPAC has pressed to end this PA practice that incentivizes terrorism and sets back the pursuit of peace. Current law requires a reduction of U.S. assistance by an amount equivalent to that paid by the PA, the Palestine Liberation Organization, or any affiliated organization to individuals that committed acts of terrorism or their families. However, this important step has not yet put an end to Palestinian incitement, necessitating the increased pressure provided by the Taylor Force Act.
The legislation does not affect U.S. funding for security cooperation, nor does it cut humanitarian programs if the U.S. government can certify that the PA is taking credible steps to end violence against Israelis and Americans.
AIPAC urges the full Senate to adopt this important legislation.