AIPAC Mourns the Passing of Lonny Kaplan
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June 4, 2017
AIPAC Mourns the Passing of
Lonny Kaplan

AIPAC mourns the passing of Lonny Kaplan who was an extraordinarily dedicated leader of the pro-Israel movement. For decades, Lonny was an indefatigable and passionate advocate for the U.S.-Israel relationship. As a former AIPAC president and Board of Directors member, Lonny’s effective leadership helped grow and expand the influence of our movement. 

Lonny’s commitment to the pro-Israel cause motivated and inspired all who worked with him. In the halls of Congress, Lonny was well known by senators and congressmen from both parties as a persuasive and effective pro-Israel activist. He would always go the extra mile, make the additional phone call and take yet another meeting to further the alliance between America and the Jewish state.

We will greatly miss Lonny, and we extend our prayers and condolences to his wife Gail, his brothers Robert and Richard, his daughter Shana, son-in-law Josh, his three grandchildren, and his countless friends and fellow activists. May his memory be a blessing.