Congressional Bipartisan Majorities Reject Iran Nuclear Deal

AIPAC Press Release
Congressional Bipartisan Majorities Reject Iran Nuclear Deal

September 11, 2015

By an overwhelming, bipartisan majority, the House today joined the Senate in clearly expressing opposition to the profoundly flawed nuclear deal with Iran.  

AIPAC applauds the representatives who soundly rejected the deal by a 269-162 margin. While this deal will now likely go into effect, it will mark the first time a major arms control agreement will advance despite the clear bipartisan opposition of Congress and the American people. Congress’ votes should send a strong message to the world that the American people are deeply skeptical about Iran’s willingness to meet its commitments and the long term viability of this agreement.

Congress and the executive branch must now maintain a constant vigilance concerning Iranian compliance with the deal and be ready to move quickly against any Iranian effort to advance its nuclear quest. In addition, we must step up pressure against Iran’s other malign activities and take firm action to support our regional allies, especially Israel.

AIPAC remains strongly committed to continuing our efforts to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and to ensure the security and safety of our democratic ally.