Key Pro-Israel Provisions Contained in Funding Bill

AIPAC Press Release
Key Pro-Israel Provisions Contained in Funding Bill

December 15, 2014

AIPAC applauds Congress for adopting the Omnibus Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2015 that includes key pro-Israel provisions to help our ally address critical security challenges. The bill provides $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel, which fully meets America’s commitment in the U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding.

Congress strengthened U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation by appropriating a total of $619.8 million for U.S.-Israel missile defense programs. Of this total, Congress designated $351 million for Iron Dome and $268.8 million for cooperative programs, including David’s Sling, Arrow-2 improvement and Arrow-3.

Congress also stepped up its oversight of the Iranian nuclear negotiations. The bill requires the administration to submit reports to Congress every 30 days detailing Iran’s compliance with the JPOA and assessing the state of Iran’s nuclear program. Importantly, the measure also reiterates that it is the policy of the United States to seek to prevent Iran from achieving the capability to produce or otherwise manufacture nuclear weapons.

In additional provisions, this key piece of legislation:
  • Reduces funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) by the amount the Secretary of State determines is equivalent to that which the PA provides in payments for acts of terrorism by individuals who are imprisoned or who died committing acts of terrorism.
  • Prohibits assistance “to Hamas or any entity effectively controlled by Hamas, any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member, or that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence.”
  • Presses the Palestinians to halt anti-Israel incitement by explicitly linking economic aid to Palestinian efforts to counter incitement of violence against Israelis and to ensure that they are supporting activities aimed at promoting peace, coexistence and security cooperation with Israel.
  • Cuts off economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority if the Palestinians obtain the same standing as member states, or full membership as a state, in the United Nations or any specialized agency. This measure includes an additional stipulation that no aid may be provided if the Palestinians “initiate an International Criminal Court judicially authorized investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.”