Strong House Majority Calls for Iran to Fully Reveal Nuclear Activities

AIPAC Press Release
Strong House Majority Calls for Iran to Fully Reveal Nuclear Activities

October 2, 2014

AIPAC commends the bipartisan group of 354 House Members who signed a letter urging Secretary of State Kerry to insist on full Iranian transparency regarding its nuclear research and development activities. The letter follows Iran’s most recent refusal to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) efforts to determine the “potential military dimensions” of Tehran’s nuclear program. The overwhelmingly bipartisan support for this letter reflects Congress’ determination to ensure that any agreement with Iran must prevent Tehran from attaining a nuclear weapons capability.

The letter was initiated by Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Democrat Eliot Engel (D-NY).

Iran has repeatedly refused to cooperate with requests from the IAEA to provide complete information on the “potential military dimensions” of its nuclear program – most importantly,  information about its extensive research and development of a nuclear explosive device. As the letter points out, Iran failed to meet a deadline last month that it had agreed to for releasing the relevant information.  Instead, it continued to demolish structures and construct others at the Parchin military base, where clandestine nuclear-related activities have reportedly taken place.

The letter reads, “we are concerned that an agreement that accepts Iran’s lack of transparency on this key issue would set the dangerous precedent that certain facilities and aspects of Iran’s nuclear program can be declared off limits by Tehran, resulting in additional wide-ranging restrictions on IAEA inspectors, and making effective verification virtually impossible.”  It also points out that this information is critical to developing more precise estimates on the time it would take Iran to develop a nuclear weapons capability without detection.

Please click here for a link to the letter text.