AIPAC Congratulates President Obama on His Re-election Victory

Contact: Marshall Wittmann,
November 7, 2012


AIPAC congratulates President Obama on his re-election victory.  We look forward to continuing to work with him and his Administration to further strengthen the US-Israel relationship.  President Obama has made it clear during the past four years that he and his Administration are strongly committed to solidarity with Israel in confronting the many security challenges that she and our own nation face.  As the President stated in the campaign, Israel “is our greatest ally in the region.”  President Obama has also promised that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon as long as he is president.  To this end, we look forward to working with him and his Administration and Congress in the coming months to thwart Iran’s nuclear quest.

What is striking about this hard-fought campaign is that both candidates for the Presidency were firmly supportive of the US-Israel relationship.  Their commitment is reflected in the newly elected Congress which will strengthen the bi-partisan, rock-solid bond between America and Israel.  The election once again demonstrated that the solidarity between the US and Israel transcends partisan politics.  The US-Israel friendship embodies the democratic beliefs and values both nations share.


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