AIPAC Applauds Election of Solidly Pro-Israel Congress

Contact: Marshall Wittmann,
September 23, 2012


AIPAC applauds the election yesterday of a solidly pro-Israel Congress.  Tuesday’s results reflect that the firm bond between America and the Jewish state has become even stronger.  Once again, the American people have demonstrated with their votes that the US-Israel friendship transcends partisan politics.  At a time of heightened partisan polarization, candidates from both parties expressed unanimity in their support for Israel’s security.  While there has been a very high turnover of members of the Senate and the House over the past few election cycles, there remains an extraordinary continuity of unwavering solidarity with Israel by both incumbents and challengers.  Virtually all the candidates who were elected issued position papers and statements expressing their belief that Israel is an invaluable ally of America.  The voice of the American people was heard yesterday and they made it unambiguously clear that the US and Israel are united by an unbreakable bond. We welcome the incoming Congress and look forward to working with them and President Obama to strengthen the relationship between America and Israel -  the one nation in the volatile Middle East that shares our democratic values and beliefs.


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