AIPAC Applauds U.N. Resolution Demanding Iran Suspend Nuclear Program

AIPAC President Howard Friedman and Executive Director Howard Kohr released the following statement.

"AIPAC applauds today's overwhelming passage of a resolution by the United Nations Security Council demanding that Iran end its nuclear enrichment activities or face international sanctions.

"This resolution is a critical first step toward halting Iran's pursuit of nuclear arms and isolating a radical regime that has flagrantly defied the international community. It marks the first time that the UN has made its demands on Tehran mandatory.

"We commend the leadership of the United States and its efforts to secure broad international support for this measure. It is our hope that Tehran will choose to meet the UN's demands, suspend its atomic program and open its doors to nuclear inspectors.

"Should Iran fail to comply, the Security Council must follow through and implement strong economic and political sanctions in order to prevent this dangerous regime from possessing the world's most dangerous weapons."