AIPAC Praises IAEA Decision to Report Iran to the U.N. Security Council

AIPAC President Bernice Manocherian and Executive Director Howard Kohr

"AIPAC praises the Bush Administration for its leadership in securing an overwhelming decision by the
International Atomic Energy Agency to report Iran to the United Nations Security Council.

"This is a critical step toward slowing Iran's nuclear program and isolating a radical regime that has
flagrantly defied the international community.

"The resounding decision by the IAEA must now be met with decisive action by the U.N. Security Council.
The Security Council must use its authority to call for Iran to permit immediate and full inspections and
cease all uranium enrichment activity. If Iran does not comply, the Security Council must then make clear
to Iran that the continued flouting of its non-proliferation obligations will result in strong economic and
political sanctions aimed at halting Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

"A nuclear-armed Iran poses a grave threat to the security of the United States and the world. This threat
requires the international community to undertake a comprehensive and sustained effort to ensure that this
dangerous regime is not permitted to develop the world's deadliest weapons."