AIPAC Statement on the IAEA and the Russian Proposal on Iran

"At its last meeting in September, the IAEA for the first time formally found Iran in non-compliance with the NPT. Since that meeting, Iran began converting a new batch of uranium at the Isfahan nuclear facility and the IAEA has disclosed that Iran received nuclear blueprints that could be used for the core of nuclear warhead from the black-market network of A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan's atomic program. Iranian lawmakers also have approved a bill requiring the government to block inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities if the IAEA refers Tehran to the U.N. Security Council.

"It will be very disappointing if the IAEA fails this week to refer Iran to the U.N. Security council, given that IAEA itself will be violating its legal requirement under Article 12 of the IAEA statute mandating that all violations and incidents of non-compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT ) be referred to the U.N. Security Council.

"Furthermore, those who would make unilateral concessions such as those reported to be contained it the 'Russian proposal' in the face of Iran's continued defiance and violations of its international commitments are undermining useful diplomatic efforts and increasing the possibility that Iran will achieve nuclear weapons capability.

"The Iranian regime's continuing pursuit of the capability to build nuclear weapons combined with its vitriolic rhetoric against the United States and its allies clearly shows the growing threat to international peace and security posed by Iran.

"The latest discovery by the IAEA and Iran's continuing efforts to stall the diplomatic process is a clear example of Iran's blatant pattern of deception and obfuscation that it has used for nearly two decades to hide the development of its illicit nuclear weapons program.

"With time running out, the international community must work tirelessly to ensure that Iran is not allowed to develop the capability to produce nuclear weapons or acquire such a capability from others. The time for Security Council action is now."