AIPAC Statement on the Administration's Policy on Iran

"Last week, the Bush Administration changed course and though it had the majority support at the IAEA Board of Governors to refer Iran to the UN Security Council, it chose not to do so. AIPAC disagrees with this Administration decision, and urges it to work with like-minded friends to seek immediate UN Security Council consideration of Iran's Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty violations.

"Last week's decision allowed Iran to win a critical round in its game of cat and mouse with the international community. In September, the IAEA found Iran in violation of its NPT commitments. Since then, Iran again began converting uranium at the Isfahan nuclear facility and Iran admitted to being in possession of a blueprint for the final steps to complete a nuclear weapon. Moreover, the Iranian regime's vitriolic rhetoric against the United States and its allies clearly shows the growing threat to international peace and security posed by Iran.

"In a response to Iran's defiance, the EU and the US supported a Russian proposal that would allow Iran to manufacture all but the final element of the nuclear fuel cycle domestically.

"We disagree with these decisions and are concerned that these efforts will facilitate Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, hampering the diplomatic effort to stop Iran before it is too late. This poses a severe danger to the United States and our allies, and puts America and our interests at risk.

"It is high time to refer Iran to the UN Security Council. The time for action is here."