AIPAC Disappointed in U.N. Resolution

Statement by AIPAC President Bernice Manocherian

Washington, D.C. - In its continuing unbalanced and biased approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the United Nations Security Council once again rushed to judgment yesterday on a one-sided resolution highlighting Palestinian claims - still not fully substantiated - that Israel used excessive force. As usual, the U.N. ignored vicious Arab terrorist attacks directed at innocent Israelis, including such brutal acts as the execution-style killings of a pregnant Israeli mother and her four children, which impelled Israel to take security measures in the first place.

The rush by the U.N Security Council to pre-judge Israel is in stark contrast to the U.N.'s complete silence in the face of recent grisly murders by Arab terrorists of Americans including Nick Berg, and the horrific murder and mutilation of American civilian contractors in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Unfortunately, despite succeeding in moderating some of the language of the resolution, the United States abstained on the final vote, sending an inconsistent and inappropriate message. The United States must maintain its consistent policy of vetoing one-sided anti- Israel resolutions. The resolution failed to specifically condemn the heinous acts that impelled Israel to take security measures in the first place.