Near East Report - June 28, 2013

Near East Report
Slideshow photo Israeli President Shimon Peres celebrated his 90th birthday with former-President Clinton, Prime Minister Netanyahu and famous stars and dignitaries from around the world. View a slideshow to learn more.
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Iranian Election Analysis
Issue Profile: Hezbollah
Heard On The Hill
Editorial: Waiting on Abbas

Iranian Election Analysis

Two weeks ago, Hassan Rouhani was elected the next president of Iran. Though Rouhani has been dubbed a “moderate,” his election highlights how restrictive the choices are for the citizens of Iran. READ MORE
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Issue Profile: Hezbollah

Hezbollah is one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, and is now helping back President Assad’s forces in Syria. READ MORE
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Heard On The Hill

A gathering of important legislation, testimonies, reports and meetings on Capitol Hill that impact national security and the relationship between the United States and Israel. READ MORE
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Editorial: Waiting
on Abbas

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Israel as part of the continued American effort to relaunch the peace process. It is time for Palestinian President Abbas to drop his unwarranted preconditions and return to direct talks. READ MORE
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