Near East Report - Jan 6, 2012

Near East Report
Slideshow photo Watch a video recap of all the major events from 2011.
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A Legislative Look Back
at 2011
The Current Situation in the Middle East: An Interview with Elliott Abrams
Israeli Breakthroughs:
2011 Edition
AIPAC’s 20th Saban Leadership Seminar
Editorial: Preparing the Environment for Peace

A Legislative Look Back at 2011

The House and Senate helped ensure Israel’s security and strengthened the U.S.-Israel relationship in 2011 through a series of resolutions and letters pertaining to Iran, Syria, the Palestinians and foreign aid. READ MORE
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The Current Situation in the Middle East: An Interview with Elliott Abrams

The past year saw unprecedented turmoil and change in the Middle East. To review the events in the region and assess where Egypt, Syria and Iran now stand, Near East Report interviewed Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and former deputy national security advisor. READ MORE
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Israeli Breakthroughs: 2011 Edition

A Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the best screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival, winning a bid to build a groundbreaking technology campus in New York City, attracting investment from top international companies such as Apple and Barclays. These are just some Israeli achievements from the past year.
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20th Saban Leadership Seminar

In December, more than 400 pro-Israel students from 146 campuses across the country went to Washington, D.C. for AIPAC’s 20th four-day Saban Leadership Seminar. This winter’s bi-annual Seminar was more ambitious and innovative than any other in AIPAC’s history. READ MORE
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Editorial: Preparing the Environment for Peace

As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators resume meetings in Jordan, it is essential that Mahmoud Abbas denounce Hamas as the terrorist entity that it is and begin preparing his citizens for living in peace with Israel. And the United States must make it clear that these actions are necessary to achieve a two-state agreement. READ MORE

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