Near East Report - December 31 2010

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In January, the Israel Defense Forces rushed to Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, saving countless lives. View a slideshow with highlights from 2010.
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New House Member Profiles: Part 2
A Legislative Look Back
at 2010
Video Interview:
Mara Karlin – Part 2
Editorial: Declaring a Palestinian State


New House Member Profiles: Part 2

Despite the many changes brought about by the 2010 midterm elections, the incoming 112th Congress is expected to be the most pro-Israel Congress ever. Many of Israel’s strongest supporters were reelected. In this edition, Near East Report profiles the second third of the new House members.
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A Legislative Look Back at 2010

Through comprehensive Iran sanctions, key congressional resolutions, and letters to the president, the House and Senate helped strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship in 2010. Here are a few of the many important legislative developments from the past year in Congress: READ MORE
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Video Interview: Mara Karlin – Part 2

Near East Report recently sat down with Lebanon expert Mara Karlin to ask her about the complicated political scene in Beirut. In part two of this two-part interview, Karlin discusses Hizballah in Lebanese society, the influence of Iran and Syria, and the danger on Israel’s northern border. READ MORE
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Editorial: Declaring a Palestinian State

You’ve probably been reading that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is seeking international recognition of a Palestinian state without negotiating with Israel about the borders or the nature of that state. The first thing you should know about these theatrics is that they are not new. READ MORE

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