Near East Report - September 03 2010

Near East Report
News Alert As this edition of NER was being finalized, President Obama was hosting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House. Go to for more on the resumption of direct talks or follow us on Twitter.
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Iranian and Russian atomic agency chiefs speak about the opening of the Bushehr nuclear power plant. View a slideshow about Bushehr and Iran’s other nuclear sites.
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Lawmakers Block Funding to Lebanese Army
Students Learn Political Activism in Washington
Military Leaders Praise U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance
Editorial: Direct Talks


Lawmakers Block Funding to
Lebanese Army

After the LAF fired on Israeli soldiers without any provocation and killed a senior officer, many key members of Congress from both parties began questioning the wisdom of U.S. arms sales to the LAF. Several lawmakers have put a hold on aid to the LAF until they receive reassurances. READ MORE
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Students Learn Political Activism
in Washington

More than 400 student activists from schools across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., in July for the Saban Leadership Seminar. The conference is the only Israel-advocacy program in the country that prepares students to strengthen the U.S.-Israel bond through political activism. READ MORE
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Military Leaders Praise U.S.-Israel
Strategic Alliance

Current and former secretaries of defense and military leaders have praised Israel as a vital partner of the United States armed forces. See which officials have lauded the Israel Defense Forces for its battlefield experience, technological innovations and intelligence sharing with the United States. READ MORE
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Editorial: Direct Talks

Abbas’ decision to resume direct negotiations with Israel, after 18 months of saying no, is a welcome development, however belated. But Abbas must do more than come to the table and assume that Israel will give in to his demands—or that the United States will pressure Israel for him. READ MORE

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