Near East Report - August 06 2010

Near East Report
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While some artists have cancelled their shows in Israel for political reasons, many others have refused to boycott the Jewish state. View a slideshow highlighting some of these stars.
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An Ironclad Commitment
Hizballah Readies for
Next War
State Department Praises U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance
State to State: Florida
and Israel
Feeling the Pressure


An Ironclad Commitment

Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system successfully completed its final round of tests in July, paving the way for its deployment in November. The test comes in the wake of the Obama administration’s request of $205 million to support Israel’s acquisition of the system. READ MORE
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Hizballah Readies for Next War

Four years after the 2006 Israel-Hizballah war ended, the Jewish state’s northern border remains tense. When Lebanese soldiers fired on a routine IDF patrol on Aug 3., killing a senior officer, international attention was once again focused on the strength of Hizballah and its ties with the government in Beirut. READ MORE
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State Department Praises U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance

Last month, Andrew Shaipiro, the assistant secretary of State for political-military affairs, discussed the U.S.-Israel strategic alliance and emphasized the importance of maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region. The following is an abridged version of his remarks. READ MORE
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State to State: Florida and Israel

The Sunshine State has a large Jewish community—about 750,000—and is home to many Israeli expats. Given this demographic reality, it is no surprise that the highest concentration of Israeli companies in the United States is in Florida. READ MORE
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Feeling the Pressure

July 2010 could enter the history books as the month that tipped the balance in the lengthy campaign to force Iran to shelve its nuclear weapons program. While this outcome is far from assured, international sanctions have already begun to bite. Let’s take a closer look. READ MORE

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