Near East Report - July 12 2010

Near East Report
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The strategic partnership between the United States and Israel is beneficial to American soldiers. View a slideshow of Israeli innovations being used by the U.S. military.
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Obama-Netanyahu Meet, Reiterate “Unbreakable” Bond
Congress Affirms Israel’s Right to Self-Defense
Heard On The Hill
State to State: Maryland and Israel
Editorial: Implementation is Essential


Obama-Netanyahu Meet, Reiterate “Unbreakable” Bond

On July 6, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met at the White House and discussed a wide array of issues including the peace process and Iran. Both the president and prime minister characterized this meeting as “excellent” and dismissed any notion that there was tension in the relationship. READ MORE
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Congress Affirms Israel’s Right
to Self-Defense

In the aftermath of the Gaza flotilla, more than three-quarters of the House and Senate signed bipartisan letters to President Obama that affirm America's support for Israel. READ MORE
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Heard On The Hill

Near East Report offers a look at recent legislation, resolutions and letters in Congress pertaining to the Middle East, the U.S.-Israel relationship and America’s ally Israel. READ MORE
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State to State: Maryland and Israel

For over 20 years, Maryland and Israel have maintained a strong bond based on economic development, scientific research and homeland security. The relationship has strengthened over time and today stands as a model for success between an American state and the Jewish state. READ MORE
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Editorial: Implementation is Essential

President Obama last week signed into law the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability and Divestment Act (CISADA), the toughest sanctions on Iran ever passed by the United States Congress. If implemented, the new law holds the best chance to peacefully persuade Iran's leaders to abandon their pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability. READ MORE

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