Near East Report - June 25 2010

Near East Report
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With so much of the world’s attention focused on Israel’s policy toward Gaza, it’s easy to forget who is in charge there: Hamas. View a slideshow about the Iranian-backed group. 
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Special Report – Israel: A U.S. Strategic Asset
Hamas Enforces Islamic Law in Gaza
Guest Columnist: Target Iranian Regime’s Lifelines
Video Interview (Part 2): Ali Alfoneh
Editorial: Mr. Abbas Goes to Washington


Special Report – Israel: A U.S. Strategic Asset

For decades, the United States and Israel have shared a deep strategic relationship aimed at confronting the common threats to both nations. In the coming months, Near East Report will examine in detail the many ways that Israel is a strategic asset for the United States. READ MORE
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Hamas Enforces Islamic Law in Gaza

While life for Palestinians in the West Bank has improved dramatically in recent years, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip remain under the control of Hamas. Since the Iranian-backed terrorist group seized control of Gaza in 2007, it has imposed Islamic law on all Gaza residents. READ MORE
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Guest Columnist: Target Iranian Regime’s Lifelines

The United States and Israel are not alone in alerting the world to the threat of Iran. In an exclusive guest column, newly elected Dutch parliamentarian Wim Kortenoeven explains why European nations must do more if they are serious about preventing Iran from having a nuclear arsenal. READ MORE
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Video Interview (Part 2): Ali Alfoneh

One year has passed since the fraudulent Iranian presidential election of June 2009. For some background on Iranian politics and insight on what has happened in Tehran in the past twelve months, Near East Report sat down with Ali Alfoneh, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. READ MORE
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Editorial: Mr. Abbas Goes to Washington

Political courage has been a rare commodity among Arab leaders in recent years. That’s why it was somewhat refreshing to hear PA President Mahmoud Abbas make some forthcoming comments about Israeli-Palestinian peace during his recent visit to Washington.

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