Near East Report - June 11 2010

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Israel has long been a close U.S. ally. View a slideshow that highlights how top Obama administration officials and military leaders have reaffirmed Israel’s strategic value to the U.S
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Congress Stands Up for Israel
Video Interview: Iran, One Year Later
Britain’s New Government: Questions and Answers
Student Leaders Support Oren and Israel
Editorial: Singled Out Again


Congress Stands Up for Israel

While most of the world rushed to condemn Israel after its soldiers defended themselves against a brutal assault by “peace activists” aboard the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, many members of Congress, despite being away on recess, stood up for the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. READ MORE
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Video Interview: Iran, One Year Later

One year has passed since the fraudulent Iranian presidential election of June 2009. For some background on Iranian politics and insight on what has happened in Tehran in the past twelve months, Near East Report sat down with Ali Alfoneh, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. READ MORE
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Britain’s New Government: Questions
and Answers

Last month, British citizens went to the polls to elect a new government. For insight on what the results mean for the U.K.-Israel relationship, Near East Report asked Lee Petar, political strategist and founding director of the British Israel Communications Centre, for his thoughts. READ MORE
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Student Leaders Support Oren and Israel

Pro-Israel students nationwide have pushed back against the small but aggressive minority of students who seek to turn Israel into a pariah nation. After seeing Amb. Michael Oren attacked on both coasts, two AIPAC-trained student government presidents decided to act. READ MORE
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Singled Out Again

For the latest in an endless series of examples of Israel being singled out in the international arena, let’s examine the recent Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference. When 189 countries agree on anything, it’s easy to predict how the Jewish state will fair: poorly. READ MORE

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