Near East Report - May 25 2010

Near East Report
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Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the P5+1 had agreed to a new draft sanctions resolution against Iran. View a slideshow about the past week of diplomacy.
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Israel Joins Prestigious Economic Club
Lawmakers Concerned Over U.S.-Russia Nuke Deal
Iran Elected to U.N. Committee on Women’s Rights
State to State: Israel and Connecticut
Israel Tells Its Story in China
Editorial: Implementation Needed


Israel Joins Prestigious Economic Club

After weeks of behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts by the Obama administration and Congress, the member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) voted unanimously to invite Israel to join the prestigious economic forum. READ MORE
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Lawmakers Concerned Over U.S.-Russia Nuke Deal

The Obama administration has resubmitted to Congress a nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia that allows the exchange of nuclear technology and material between the two nations. As a result, members of Congress have raised questions about Moscow’s role in supporting Iran’s nuclear program. READ MORE
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Iran Elected to U.N. Committee on Women’s Rights

Last month, the U.N. General Assembly elected Iran to serve on the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women. A country whose police chief advocates the arrest of suntanned women now sits on the U.N. committee purportedly dedicated to promoting women’s rights. READ MORE
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State to State: Israel and Connecticut

Very few states can claim to be smaller than Israel; Connecticut, at only about 5,500 square miles in area, is one of them. Despite its size, the tiny New England state plays a vital role in ensuring Israel’s security, supplying the Jewish state with vital military equipment. READ MORE
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Israel Tells Its Story in China

Israel has set up a special pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai that illustrates its remarkable technological innovations, contributions to humanity and endurance as a nation. The organizers expect more than 70 million people to visit the Expo in the next five months. READ MORE
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Implementation Needed

For the sixth time in four years, the U.N. Security Council has declared Iran a threat to international peace and security, affirmed that Iran has failed to comply with previous resolutions and demanded that Iran suspend all uranium enrichment and related activity. READ MORE

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