Near East Report - May 10 2010

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For more than a year, PA President Mahmoud Abbas has found reasons to avoid talking directly to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Obama: Syria “An Unusual and Extraordinary Threat”
House, Senate Craft Final Iran Sanctions Bill
Mahmoud Abbas: The Excuse Maker
State to State: New Mexico and Israel
Editorial: Enforcement Needed


Obama: Syria “An Unusual and Extraordinary Threat”

President Obama has repeatedly said he wants better relations with Syria. Damascus has responded by strengthening its ties with Iran and reportedly transferring Scud missiles to Hizballah. With these developments in mind, Obama has renewed U.S. sanctions against Syria. READ MORE
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House, Senate Craft Final Iran
Sanctions Bill

Now that the House and the Senate have passed their own separate versions of Iran sanctions legislation, the two chambers are working to reconcile their two bills and produce a final piece of legislation that will be voted on in each chamber before being sent to President Obama’s desk. READ MORE
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Mahmoud Abbas: The Excuse Maker

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the idea of proximity talks as a bridge to direct negotiations with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader has for months tried to find excuses to avoid speaking, even indirectly, to his Israeli counterpart. READ MORE
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State to State: New Mexico and Israel

With desert climates, water shortages and a growing high-tech sector, New Mexico and Israel have a lot in common. Near East Report takes a look at the underreported and growing relationship between Santa Fe and Jerusalem—and reveals how the U.S.-Israel bond can be felt in all 50 states. READ MORE
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Enforcement Needed

For the last three years, the State Dept. has said it has been investigating potential violations of the Iran Sanctions Act. Meanwhile, other federal agencies have identified companies investing more money in Iran than the law allows. It’s time the State Dept. follows suit and publicly reveals its findings.

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