Near East Report - April 23 2010

Near East Report
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AIPAC Policy Conference 2010 was the largest conference in
AIPAC history. View a slideshow with highlights from the three-day event.
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Iran Feels Effect of Sanctions
Congress to Obama: Sanction Iran Now
Lawmakers Reaffirm U.S.-Israel Alliance
AIPAC Hosts Largest-Ever Policy Conference
Editorial: A Vital Relationship


Iran Feels Effect of Sanctions

As the House and Senate continue their efforts to draft a final version of the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act, major oil companies, insurance firms and international banks have taken notice of the bill’s progress and ended or reduced their ties with Iran, even before the law takes effect. READ MORE
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Congress to Obama: Sanction Iran Now

Soon after the Nuclear Security Summit ended last week and world leaders left Washington, D.C., 84 percent of Congress—81 senators and 366 House members—sent letters to President Obama urging him to “immediately impose crippling sanctions on Iran.” READ MORE
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Lawmakers Reaffirm U.S.-Israel Alliance

In a decisive display of bipartisan support for Israel on Capitol Hill, 76 senators and 334 House members—more than 75 percent of Congress—have signed letters urging the Obama administration to defuse the recent tension with Israel and reaffirm the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance. READ MORE
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AIPAC Hosts Largest-Ever Policy Conference

More than 7,500 pro-Israel activists from all 50 states converged in Washington, D.C., on March 21-23 for the largest-ever AIPAC Policy Conference. The theme the conference—“Israel: Tell the Story”— gave delegates an in-depth understanding of how Israel is making the world a better place. READ MORE
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A Vital Relationship

Last week, AIPAC President Lee Rosenberg delivered a speech at an Israeli Independence Day celebration hosted by the Embassy of Israel. Hundreds of Washington guests were in attendance, including senior White House advisor David Axelrod. READ MORE

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