Homeland Security Monitor -January 2014

Homeland Security Monitor
January 2014

An Israeli company has introduced new border control technology.   Read more

Tel Aviv Conference Focuses on Cyber Security

A Tel Aviv emergency methods conference in January addressed new techniques to combat key cyber security threats, iHLS reported. The conference, organized by International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters (IPED), included a keynote address by Yuval Diskin, former chief of the Israeli General Security Service, who underscored the severity of the danger and shared Israeli tactics for combating hackers.

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Magal Expands Safe City Infrastructure

Magal Security Systems has announced plans to expand the “safe city solution” infrastructure it built for the city of Ramat Ha’sharon. In 2013, Magal supplied the city with constant surveillance, panic buttons for citizens, and a central control center to help improve response time. In 2014, Magal will aim to expand many of these applications for routine and emergency uses.

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Israeli Company Unveiling New Security Technology

An Israeli company specializing in homeland security solutions will unveil a new method for monitoring borders, a press release anounced. The company, CONTROP, will display their Electro-Optical Day/Night stabilized camera systems for air, land and sea surveillance. This long-range system provides 24/7 automatic intruder detection and recognition.

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Israeli Hospitals to Continue Treating Syrian Refugees

The Israeli government announced last month it will contribute more than $30 million to cover the cost of treating Syrian refugees in Israeli hospitals, Ha'aretz reported. Since the Syrian civil war began three years ago, more than 700 refugees received free treatment in the Jewish state. The Israeli government will send new funds every three months to cover additional costs.

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Israeli Rifle Scope Available in U.S. Market

An Israeli sniper rifle scope will be introduced in the U.S. market later this year, Before Its News reported. Mepro iMeslas, produced by Meprolight, is able to automatically calculate the elevation angle when measuring distance, and is invisible to night vision devices. The scope can also accurately measure temperature and humidity, and has an axis angle sensor for ballistic calculations.

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