Homeland Security Monitor - November 2012


Homeland Security
November 2012

Israelis flew to the United States after Hurricane Sandy to assist with relief efforts. Read more

Former Homeland Security Chief Touts Israel Cooperation

Former U.S. secretary of homeland security and Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge spoke at Tel Aviv’s second International Conference on Homeland Security this month, The Times of Israel reported. Ridge highlighted the importance of United States cooperation with Israel on matters of homeland security. “Ensuring an environment of shared information and integrated technologies that have defense and security capabilities is crucial,” he said.

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Israelis Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

Dozens of Israelis flew to the United States to help in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Israel 21c reported. Organizations including Israel Flying Aid, Israeli Humanitarian Aid-Latet, and IsraeAID all participated in the efforts. “Israelis are great in terms of being prepared and able to function in emergencies and disasters [because] that’s the environment we’ve had to adapt to,” said Israeli relief volunteer Joel Leyden.

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U.S. Chamber Leads National Security Delegation to Israel 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative recently led a national security trade delegation to Israel that focused on business opportunities in cyber security, emergency management, aviation, and border security, Homeland Security Today reported. The delegation met with senior Israeli business executives and government officials, toured defense centers, and attended Israel’s International Homeland Security Conference.

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Israeli Company Trains Mice to Detect Threats 

The Israeli company Tamar Group has trained mice to respond when they detect explosives, which will alert security officers at airports, mall security checkpoints, and other large public places, The Times of Israel reported. The system uses mice equipped with biological sensors that detect changes in heart rate and breathing. The mice are also trained to smell explosives and drugs. The state-of-the-art technology was on display this month at Israel’s Homeland Security Conference.

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Israel and U.S. Work Together to Thwart Cyber Threats 

As the Iranian cyber threat heats up, the Israeli army is looking to expand its Unit 8200, which focuses on cyber security, UPI reported. “Cyber readiness is one of the new pillars in our plan, including both defense and offense,” said Maj. Gen. Isaac Ben Israel, one of Israel’s leading cyber security experts. The United States has been in close talks with Israel to continue expanding U.S.-Israel cyber security cooperation.

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