Homeland Security Monitor - June 2011

AIPAC Homeland Security Monitor
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Cooperation

1. U.S. National Guard to Send Liaison to Israel’s Home Front Command 2. U.S. Sends Observers to Israeli Security Drill 3. Israel Continues to Boost Cyber Defense Efforts 4. New System to Assist Emergency Responders 5. Home Front Defense Opens New, Secure Operations Facility

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1. U.S. National Guard to Send Liaison to Israel’s Home Front Command
The U.S. National Guard plans to send a senior officer to Israel to serve as its liaison to the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) Home Front Command in order to boost the two countries’ civil defense cooperation, The Jerusalem Post reported. While the officer’s name remains unknown for the time being, the appointment follows Israel’s decision to send a liaison, Lt.-Col. Chezy Deutsch, to the United States to serve as a liaison to the Nation Guard.

2. U.S. Sends Observers to Israeli Security Drill
The United States recently sent a military delegation to Israel to observe a full-scale homeland security drill that simulated the aftermath of an explosion, a plane crash, a toxic chemical spill and other disasters, Xinhua reported. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), 80 municipalities, multiple first-responders, and millions of civilians participated in the massive, week-long drill.�0;0;0;0;1D;

3. Israel Continues to Boost Cyber Defense Efforts 
As the United States and the rest of the international community deal with the threat of cyber-attacks, Israel continues to call attention to ways to actively thwart such assaults, Globes reported. At the Cyber Warfare Conference at the University of Tel Aviv earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel should focus on "three main focal points: security, industrial and academic/scientific. The combination of these three points … could give us additional power."

4. New System to Assist Emergency Responders 
NICE Systems, an Israeli based video security company, exhibited a new apparatus to keep civilians safer at the 2011 NENA Conference and Expo in Minneapolis, the company announced. The NICE Situator allows emergency responders to synthesize data that would otherwise require time to gather and analyze. By doing so, those first responders will be able to react faster and with more precision.

5. Home Front Defense Opens New, Secure Operations Facility

Israel’s Home Front Defense recently opened a new, underground operations center, YNet reported. The Tel Aviv based center, known as “The Pit,” has been equipped with an expansive emergency planning mechanism as well as a system that enables everyone in the facility to hear the events unfolding in the main control room. This structure can serve as a model for other countries, including the United States, as experts look to build more advanced and safe homeland security centers.
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