Homeland Security Monitor - February-March 2009

AIPAC Homeland Security Monitor
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Cooperation

1. U.S. Border Crossing Installs Magal Equipment 2. Dutch to Rent Israeli UAVs for Afghanistan 3. Israeli Company Combats Cyber-Terrorists 4. U.S. Physicians Train in the Jewish State5. Israeli Ballistic Protection Now Offered in U.S.A.

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More than a dozen U.S. physicians visited Israel to train alongside Israeli doctors. Read more...



1. U.S. Border Crossing Installs Magal Equipment
The Israeli company Magal Security Systems, Ltd., announced recently that it has received an order worth about $1 million to install mobile and thermal cameras, a people tracking and inspection system, and access control gates at an unspecified major U.S. international border crossing, Government Security News reported.  The order was received through Magal’s U.S.-based subsidiary and is expected to be delivered in 2009.

2. Dutch to Rent Israeli UAVs for Afghanistan
Israel’s Aeronautics Defense Systems will rent out Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Dutch troops serving with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, HSDailyWire.com reported. This is in addition to the Canadian military’s recently unveiled acquisition of Israeli-made UAVs. Since Israeli personnel are not authorized to operate inside Afghanistan, operators would have to be contractors from the U.S. or the U.K.


3. Israeli Company Combats Cyber-Terrorists
The Israeli security company AppliCure Technologies is developing new technologies to combat an onslaught of hacker teams around the world, Israel21c.org reported. Terrorist groups are increasingly active on the Internet and they have targeted Israel as well as the United States and Western European countries. Groups of sophisticated hackers have been entering Israeli websites and using them to send anti-Israel messages. AppliCure was founded in 2004 in Herzliya, Israel, and can be installed remotely, making it an attractive solution to his clients in the targeted countries.

4. U.S. Physicians Train in the Jewish State
More than a dozen U.S. doctors from all medical specialties spent a week in Israel in November to train alongside Israeli medical professionals in worst-case scenarios, The Jewish Exponent reported. The training was part of the American Physicians Fellowship (APF) for Medicine in Israel's Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Course, operated in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Medical Corps of the IDF. The program included visual simulations, emergency drills and learning the appropriate response to conventional, biological, nuclear or chemical warfare.


5. Israeli Ballistic Protection Now Offered in U.S.A.
An Israeli mobile ballistic partition system produced by Mifram Ltd. called the "Sheli" is now being distributed in the United States by Mifram's authorized distributor, Creative Building Products, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Government Security News reported. Sheli is customizable in size and shape, and provides full protection against small arms and shrapnel, making it ideal for VIP protection units.


AIPAC's Homeland Security Monitor is a monthly summary of key articles highlighting the cooperative homeland security programs central to the strong and mutually beneficial strategic relationship between the United States and Israel. For more information on these issues, please write to homelandsecurity@aipac.org.