Homeland Security Monitor - November 2008

AIPAC Homeland Security Monitor
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Cooperation

1. Homeland Security Editor Hails Israeli Innovation 2. Michigan Governor Salutes Israel During Visit 3. Israeli Experts Help Improve LAX Security 4. Israeli Firm to Sell U.S. Biodefense Drugs 5. Israel's Elbit Acquires Virginia's Innovative Concepts 6. Israel's GED-I Ltd Completes Compliance Testing for IBM

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Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm visits Senso Optics, a homeland security company in Israel. Read more...



1. Homeland Security Editor Hails Israeli Innovation
Jacob Goodwin, editor-in-chief of Government Security News, describes his recent experiences in Israel seeing the latest homeland security technology in a four-part blog.  As a participant in a homeland security media trip funded by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), a charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, Goodwin describes his brush with "a few of the remarkable homeland security products being developed and marketed by Israel's most innovative homeland security exporting companies."  

2. Michigan Governor Salutes Israel During Visit
Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm recently visited Israel on a trip aimed at increasing Michigan-Israel cooperation in homeland security, energy and commerce.  Her trip, which included meetings with Israel's top politicians and businessmen, concluded with a Joint Declaration of Strategic Cooperation that will enhance Michigan-Israel ties. Granholm maintained a blog documenting the highlights of her trip.


3. Israeli Experts Help Improve LAX Security
Three Israeli security experts from Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport, commonly regarded as one of the safest in the world, have been working with Los Angeles authorities to improve security at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), The Los Angeles Times reported.  Airport officials credit the Israelis with a number of improvements at LAX, including surveillance technology, police checkpoints and barriers to prevent vehicles from crashing into terminals.

4. Israeli Firm to Sell U.S. Biodefense Drugs 
Medison Pharma, an Israeli pharmaceutical firm, has signed a deal with Maryland's PharmAthene that establishes Medison Pharma as the sole Israeli distributor of biological-weapon treatments and vaccines produced by the U.S. biotechnology company, the Baltimore Business Journal reported.  According to the deal, Medison Pharma will obtain government authorization for the drugs as well as authorization to promote and deliver the countermeasures, which will be manufactured by PharmAthene in Maryland.

5. Israel's Elbit Acquires Virginia's Innovative Concepts
Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. in Israel, announced its acquisition all of the shares of Innovative Concepts, Inc., in a $15 million all cash transaction, HSDailyWire.com reported.  Innovative Concepts, located in McLean, Virginia, is a wireless communications technology firm specializing in design, production and support of real-time embedded systems and high-speed processing solutions for defense and homeland security applications.

6. Israel's GED-I Ltd Completes Compliance Testing for IBM
Tel Aviv’s GED-I Ltd., a provider of encryption and security solutions has announced that its product, the “GSA 2000 – AIO” has successfully completed its interoperability testing with the IBM System Storage DS3000 family of products, HSToday.us reported.  This means that the GSA 2000 meets compliance guidelines, regulatory requirements and business optimization needs for data encryption on IBM’s storage devices.


AIPAC's Homeland Security Monitor is a monthly summary of key articles highlighting the cooperative homeland security programs central to the strong and mutually beneficial strategic relationship between the United States and Israel. For more information on these issues, please write to homelandsecurity@aipac.org.