Homeland Security Monitor - August 2008

AIPAC Homeland Security Monitor
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Cooperation

1. Michigan Law Enforcers Learn Anti-Terrorism from Israel 2. N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine in Israel to Boost Cooperation 3. Israel’s Detection System Certified at International Border Crossing 4. U.S. Security Company Investing in Israel’s DefenSoft Ltd. 5. Israel to Create Biometric Database of Citizens

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In a trip to Israel, N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine boosted homeland security ties.



1. Michigan Law Officers Learn Anti-Terrorism from Israel
Some 200 law enforcement officers from about 80 jurisdictions throughout Michigan received anti-terrorism lessons from Israeli police and military officials in July, The Detroit News reported. The two-day conference on homeland security, part of the Law Enforcement Exchange Program of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), was designed to establish cooperation between local and Israeli law enforcement. Topics ranged from bomb training to counter-terrorism and speakers included members of the Israel National Police Bomb Squad and retired members of the Mossad. U.S. participants included leading police chiefs from across the country.

2. N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine in Israel to Boost Security Cooperation
The Garden State’s governor, Jon Corzine, was in Israel in late July on a trip geared toward improving the relationship between New Jersey and the Jewish state regarding homeland security and other areas, The Jewish Standard reported. His meetings with Israeli officials covered an array of issues, including green technology, biotech, terrorism, economic issues, and cultural affairs.


3. Israel’s Detection System Certified at International Border Crossing
TraceGuard Technologies Inc., a U.S.-based developer of automated explosives detection technologies and solutions, announced that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) has completed extensive testing of its CompactSafe system, HSToday reported. The CompactSafe system has already been field tested at Ben Gurion Airport and the Western Wall in Jerusalem. TraceGuard Technologies Inc. certified the system to replace manual processes of explosive detection at international border crossings.

4. U.S. Security Company Investing in Israel’s DefenSoft Ltd.
Arlington-based investment firm Athlone Global Security Corporation (AGS), which specializes in homeland security technologies, announced in July the completion of a new round of investment in the Israel-based company DefenSoft, Ltd. An affiliate of Goldman Sachs Asset Management also made an investment in the current round. DefenSoft was established in Yokneam, Israel, in 2002 to market modeling and simulation tools to operational security planners, analysts, and engineers. DefenSoft’s toolkit automatically plans and optimizes complex security designs for protecting large outdoor areas, such as country borders, military bases, airports, industrial complexes, and other critical infrastructures.

5. Israel to Create Biometric Database of Citizens
The Israeli government has approved a bill that calls for the establishment of a biometric database by the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Ministry, YNet reported. The bill will now be referred to various Knesset committees to prepare it for a Knesset vote. The new bill calls for embedding biometric data, such as fingerprints and computerized tags of facial features, in Israeli IDs and passports, and for the establishment of a database that would include biometric data on all Israeli citizens.


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