Homeland Security Monitor - May 2008

AIPAC Homeland Security Monitor
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Cooperation
1. Security Experts Address Hill Staff on Israeli Expertise2. Israelis Purchase Anthrax Detection Devices from U.S.-Based Company3. Israeli Company Develops Landmark Terror Screening Technology4. Arizona’s Buckeye Employees Train in Israel5. Israel Begins Outfitting Airliners with Anti-Missile Flare Systems FPO photo

U.S. homeland security directors during a trip to Israel viewed rockets fired by Hamas. Read more...



1. Security Experts Address Hill Staff on Israeli Expertise
The homeland security advisors to the governors of California and New Mexico addressed more than 30 congressional staffers and other homeland security officials about their recent trip to Israel as well as the lessons that America can learn from the Jewish state’s decades-long experience fighting terrorism. Speaking at an American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) briefing, the two discussed the security techniques they learned from Israel that the U.S. can apply to its own counter-terrorism efforts.

2. Israelis Purchase Anthrax Detection Devices from U.S. Company
Universal Detection Technology (UDTT), a developer of early-warning bioterror monitoring technologies, recently received a purchase order from an Israeli company for UDTT's Hand Held Assays (HHA) for anthrax detection, HSDailyWire.com reported. The assays have been purchased by first-responders throughout America and by the U.S. Army, and can detect anthrax spores well below the threshold for an infectious dose in as little as three minutes.

3. Israeli Company Develops Landmark Terror Screening Technology
An Israeli company is developing a system that may change the face of homeland security and terrorist detection, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported. WeCU, or “We see you,” is a screening system that consists of three components: hidden biometric sensors, a system that displays stimuli, and a computerized data analysis and decision-making system. The result is a system that can screen individuals in under a minute without their knowledge or cooperation, and without interfering in routine activities. WeCU has been demonstrated to government authorities in Israel, Germany, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

4. Arizona’s Buckeye Employees Train in Israel
The Arizona town Buckeye sent five employees on a nine-day trip to Israel recently to receive training in anti-terror tactics, The Arizona Republic reported. The training consisted of meetings with Israeli police and fire officials, and visits to hospitals, schools and sites where attacks had taken place. The trip to Israel was part of the increased homeland security preparation that Police Chief Dan Saban initiated in the Buckeye force three years ago.

5. Israel Begins Outfitting Airliners with Anti-Missile Flare Systems
Israeli defense officials began outfitting some of its passenger aircraft with missile defense systems last month, implementing plans that have been in the works since 2002, HSDailyWire.com reported. The system, which fires flares that disrupt an incoming missile's heat-seeking mechanism, will be installed first on airplanes flying to destinations considered dangerous, especially Africa and parts of Asia.


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