Energy Matters- February 2017

Energy Matters
February 2017

On Feb. 23, Noble Energy announced that it is moving forward with the development of Israel’s offshore Leviathan gas field (Photo: AP Images).

Noble Energy Gives Go-Ahead to Develop Leviathan Gas Field

On Feb. 23, Noble Energy announced that it is moving forward with the development of Israel’s offshore Leviathan gas field, securing financing for the nearly $4 billion necessary to begin delivering gas in 2019. “Bringing Leviathan online will expand Israel’s supply of natural gas, further support the State’s commitment to convert coal-fired power generation facilities to cleaner burning gas, and provide affordable energy resources to Israeli citizens and neighboring countries in the undersupplied region,” said Noble Energy’s Chairman, President and CEO David L. Stover. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated: “This is a day of good news for the Israeli economy and Israeli citizens. The process will provide gas supply to Israel, and will advance cooperation with regional states.”

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Israel, World Bank to Increase Joint Work in Africa

Israel and the World Bank are planning in the coming months to sign three new agreements that would expand cooperation in water, cybersecurity and agriculture in African countries. “Cooperation with the World Bank is an opportunity for us to showcase some of the capabilities and innovation that Israel can offer to developing countries.” said Israel’s Economy Minister Eli Cohen. The new agreements come amid efforts by Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration and Economy Ministry to reinforce cooperation with financial institutions with the aim of sharing Israeli expertise with the developing world.

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Israeli Expertise Makes Precision Agronomy Accessible to all Farmers

AgriTask, a precision agriculture technology (ag-tech) platform developed by Israeli startup ScanTask helps farmers reduce the use of pesticides by up to 40 percent, prevent crop damage and improve fieldworker efficiency. The cloud-based platform translates data and integrates multiple ag-tech technologies into simple work protocols for farmers and helps them comply with safety and export regulations. Cofounder and CEO of ScanTask Israel Fraier notes that the primary barrier to ag-tech adoption by agricultural managers is in making it easily accessible and eliminating the need to use multiple systems. “ScanTask’s presentation of the AgriTask system to leading investors and European farming corporates stood out as a real, customer-proven and practical solution for overcoming this barrier without changing their present work habits and without the anxiety and high cost of managing multiple technological systems,” Fraier explained.

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Israel Constructs the World’s Largest Solar Tower

Israel has commenced construction on the world’s largest solar tower that will be fully operational in 2018. According to the Megalim Power Limited CEO Eran Gartner, the tower will be 250 meters tall and will be encircled by 50,000 mirrors spanning 3 square km to concentrate sunlight. This tower is one of many solar projects in the Negev Desert that are advancing Israel’s renewable energy sector. The government of Israel has set a renewable energy goal of 10 percent by 2020.

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