Energy Matters-October 2015

Energy Matters
Energy Matters
October 2015

The Carlsbad Desalination Project, currently being built by Israel’s Desalination Enterprises in San Diego, is close to completion.

California Expands Water Partnerships with Israel

Los Angeles County signed an agreement with Israel to bring Israeli technology to drought-ridden Southern California, reports Israel 21C. The agreement with Los Angeles, which encompasses nearly a quarter of California residents, is the latest in a series of deals aimed at utilizing Israeli expertise to address the state’s ongoing water insecurity. In March 2014, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a deal with California Gov. Jerry Brown to export Israeli desalination and water security technology to the state. The Carlsbad Desalination Project, currently being built by Israel Desalination Enterprises, is also nearing completion in San Diego.

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Israel's Expanding Alternative Fuels Sector Increases Fivefold in Less than Three Years

The number of companies active in Israel’s alternative fuels sector has grown fivefold in less than three years, reports The Jerusalem Post. The increase follows a 2013 government initiative to support research and development of alternative fuel technologies and to encourage international collaborations. “Slowly, we started to take the companies that we have and introduce them to multinational [firms],” said Eyal Rosner, director of the Alternative Fuels Administration in the Prime Minister’s Office. Industry representatives have taken note. Both Ford Motor Company and Porsche recently decided to open research centers in Israel.

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Qatar Seeks Israeli Gas, Solar Fields to Boost Gaza Power

Israel is considering a proposal by Qatar to boost electricity production in the Gaza Strip, reports the Times of Israel. Under the plan, new pipeline infrastructure would be constructed to bring Israeli offshore natural gas to Gaza, routed through Ashdod and feeding the Gaza power station. The proposal also calls for the construction of a 100 MW solar field, based in Israel, for Gaza’s use. The Israeli government is reviewing the feasibility of the proposal.

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Israeli Software to Solve Water Utilities Waste Worldwide

Israeli-based software startup TaKuDu is seeking to bring cutting-edge analytics to the world’s largely low-tech water sector, reports The Washington Monthly. The Israeli company’s software analyzes raw data from the city’s water network to look for signs of leaks or other inefficiencies. The innovative software is currently used in Israel, Australia, Spain, Chile, Brazil and Romania.

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General Electric Deepens Investment in Start-Up Nation

U.S. corporation General Electric (GE) announced the opening of a computing and big data accelerator in Israel, reports Globes. "Already in the first month of operation, we have seen a great deal of cooperation between companies and various divisions in GE, including an exchange of ideas, know-how, and experience, for achieving progress in the industrial Internet,” said GE Software Startups Accelerator Director Yinnon Dolev. The company’s decision follows its previous investment in a series of Israeli companies in the biomedical, energy, and cyber sectors, and represents the increasing private sector investment from American corporations.

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