Energy Matters-March 2014

Energy Matters
March 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed an agreement to cooperate on water technology research and development.   Read more

Israel to Export Natural Gas to Jordan

The partners in Israel’s Tamar natural gas field recently agreed to sell at least $500 million of natural gas to Jordan over the next 15 years, Reuters reported. This deal follows a January agreement to provide significant quantities of natural gas to the Palestine Power Generation Company. Jordan has faced considerable energy challenges after repeated attacks on the pipeline that has supplied it with gas from Egypt.

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Israel, California to Expand Water Cooperation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently signed an agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) to expand cooperation between Israel and California on water technology research and development, Reuters reported. Israel is eager to share its expertise in wastewater recycling, desalination, and drip irrigation with drought-stricken California. “Israel has demonstrated how efficient a country can be,” Gov. Brown said, “and there is a great opportunity for collaboration.”

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Israel, India Look to Increase Trade in Natural Gas

As Israel and India look to expand trade, natural gas has emerged as a key area of interest and potential, the Indo-Asian News Service reported. India is one of the world’s largest energy importers and is a potential trade partner for Israel’s gas resources. Separately, the nations have established a $40 million investment fund to support joint technological ventures, and have begun discussing a possible free trade agreement.

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Israeli Entrepreneur Addresses African Power Needs

Israeli entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz, president of Gigawatt Global and CEO of Energiya Global, is leading a $23.7 million project to build an 8.5-megawatt solar power plant in Rwanda, The Times of Israel reported. Construction has begun and the plant is expected to be operational this summer. When this occurs, the plant will be East Africa’s first commercial-scale solar field and will increase Rwanda’s power capacity by 8 percent.

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Israel Provides Solutions to Mideast Water Threats

Israeli ingenuity can provide vital solutions to water scarcity challenges in the Middle East, entrepreneur and AIPAC Board member Seth Seigel wrote in a New York Times op-ed. As water concerns grow throughout the region, wrote Siegel, Israel’s technological expertise can serve as an entry point to improved relations between Israel and its neighbors.

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