Defense Digest - March 2014

Defense Digest
March 2014

Americans and Israelis recently trained with a V-22 Osprey aircraft.   Read more

Americans and Israelis Train with Advanced Aircraft

American marines and their Israeli counterparts ran exercises with an advanced aircraft in Israel, Ha’aretz reported. The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey combines the abilities of airplanes and helicopters, and Israel will buy six for $1.3 billion. The Ospreys will strengthen the Israeli air force and prepare it to address the challenges of day-to-day warfare.

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Israel Shows Media Secret Hospital in Golan Heights

The Israel Defense Forces allowed media last month to visit a field hospital on the Syrian border for the first time, The Times of Israel reported. The hospital has treated more than 700 Syrians who have been injured during their country’s civil war. The remote facility has an emergency room, an intensive care unit, an operating theater and X-ray machines.

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Israeli Commercial Planes to Be Protected With Lasers

Israeli commercial aircraft will now be protected against surface-to-air missiles by a new laser defense system, Wired reported. SkyShield, developed by Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems, detects an incoming missile with an infrared sensor, and then uses a laser to disrupt its navigation system. The missile will then detonate safely away from the plane.

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Israel Could Expand Missile Defense to Egypt and Jordan

The Israeli military is open to possibly incorporating a regional missile defense system to include Egypt and Jordan, reported. “The policy of the Defense Ministry is always to cooperate with the countries of the region” said Yair Ramati, head of the Israel Missile Defense Organization.

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Israel Offers American Veterans Support

Israeli experts are collaborating with U.S. organizations to help veterans with post-traumatic stress and suicidal thoughts, The Jewish Daily Forward reported. The Wounded Warrior Project, with the help of NATAL, an Israeli trauma center, has created a telephone support line for veterans. The project aims to reduce the number of veteran suicides and help returning soldiers transition to life back home.

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