Defense Digest - October 2013

Defense Digest
October 2013

The Israeli Air Force conducted air-to-air refueling exercises.

Successful Arrow-3 Trials May ShortenTimetable 

Israeli officials said successful tests of the Arrow-3 missile defense system may advance the program’s operational timetable, Ynet reported. The defense system is designed to intercept long-range missiles fired by foes, such as Iran.

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Some Iron Dome Production May Move to U.S.

Production of the Iron Dome interceptor missile may partially move from Israel to the United States, Israel Defense reported. The switch would increase production speed and allow Israel to use U.S. aid funds that can only be spent on American-made products. Since 2011, Iron Dome has intercepted about 90 percent of rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli population centers.

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Northern Israel Hit by Syrian Mortar Shells

Two Israeli soldiers were injured when mortar shells struck the Golan Heights earlier this month, Ha'aretz reported. The shells appeared to come from Syria, and Israel responded by firing a missile back. Over the past year, dozens of mortar shells fired from Syria as part of its civil war have errantly landed in northern Israel.

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Israel Performs Long-Range Flight Exercise

An Israeli air force fighter squadron conducted a long-range exercise earlier this month, the Israel Defense Forces reported. The practice included refueling planes in midair and testing the ability to fly exceptionally long distances. The exercise also covered other aspects of a flying mission, including planning procedures and control center management. Click the link below for a video of the refueling.

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Israeli Scientists Unveil Innovations in Aerospace Medicine

Israeli scientists exhibited new inventions in aviation medicine at a Jerusalem convention earlier this month, Israel Hayom reported. Many of the projects focused on rescuing injured military personnel. The conference changes host countries annually and attracts global industry leaders.

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