Defense Digest - September 2013


Defense Digest
September 2013

American and Israeli forces conducted a successful missile test. Read more

U.S., Israel Test Missile Successfully in Joint Exercise

Israel test-fired a missile in the Mediterranean Sea with the help of the United States, CNN reported. The Department of Defense confirmed that it "provided technical assistance and support" for Israel's missile test. The Jewish state was testing the new version of the Sparrow air-launched target missile, which simulated an incoming long-range missile that resembles weapons developed by Iran with cooperation from North Korea.

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Israel Moves Iron Dome to Dan Region

In the face of continued strife in Syria, Israeli forces deployed several Iron Dome missile defense batteries to the Dan region, Jerusalem Online reported. The step was part of a larger plan to prepare a counter to a Syrian attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the public that there is no need to change its daily routine. “We are not involved in the civil war in Syria, but if anyone tries to harm the citizens of Israel, the IDF will strongly react," he said.

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U.S., Israel Increase Emphasis on Cyber Capabilities

The U.S. and Israeli armies are increasing their focus on cyber capabilities in order to respond to evolving threats and rising financial strains, The Forward reported. While the two militaries operate in different terrains with dissimilar logistical challenges, both face budget climates that demand cost-cutting measures. The two armies have also united in their efforts to curtail costs by betting their futures on smaller, lighter, and more technically capable equipment to fight terrorists and other threats.

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Digital Ground Army May Be IDF’s Future

Infantry battalion commanders are now equipped with a a revolutionary command-and-control system that will give them more independence over their battle arenas than ever before, The Jerusalem Post reported. The system, called Digital Ground Army (DGA), generates and updates a computer map of all army and enemy locations in a given area. While DGA is still young, it is already used for routine border patrols and soon will be integrated with the Israeli air force and navy.

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American, Israeli Youth Visit Arlington National Cemetery

American youth from the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and Israeli youth from the Israel Defense Force Widows & Orphans Organization visited Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Army announced. It was the first time both groups partnered for an international event. The visit also marked one of more than 20 events that TAPS hosts annually as part of their Good Grief Camp program for kids who have lost parents serving in the military.

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