Defense Digest - July 2013


Defense Digest
July 2013

The Arrow-3 missile seeks to protect Israel from long-range missile threats. Read more

Israel, U.S. Successfully Test Arrow-3 

The United States and Israel have reported a successful maiden flight of the advanced Arrow-3 ballistic missile interceptor, Ynet reported. The Arrow is a jointly produced, cutting-edge system designed to counter long-range missile attacks. Israel’s Defense Ministry said that in Arrow-3’s first full flight on July 12, it met all of the test requirements. The Arrow-3 system would be incorporated with the existing, lower trajectory Arrow-2, the U.S.-Israeli David’s Sling medium-range defense system and the homegrown Iron Dome short range defense system.

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Israel Builds and Delivers F-35 Part to Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman announced that Israeli defense manufacturer Elbit Systems-Cyclone delivered its first advanced component for the F-35 Lightening II Joint Strike Fighter. This delivery is a significant milestone for the F-35 program, since it is the first composite part manufactured by a country committed to purchasing future F-35s under the U.S. foreign military sales agreement. The composite component delivered is one of 16 unique parts to be manufactured by Elbit Systems-Cyclone under a seven-year F-35 agreement with Northrop Grumman, which was signed in December 2011.

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New Lockheed Martin Branch Opening in Israel

Lockheed Martin will open a technology center in Israel to help Israeli military intelligence gathering, JTA reported. This joint venture with Israel’s Bynet Data Communications to build the Israeli Defense Forces’ center, known as Project 5/9, is a contract worth about $210 million. Lockheed’s job is to help with “migration,” adapting lines of code written decades ago to advanced computer systems. Its new Israeli center will provide support and maintenance. “The intention is to establish a local branch of Lockheed Martin in Israel in the field of information systems,” said Lockheed’s vice president for global solutions, Robert Eastman.

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Essential Iron Dome Laser Guide Soon to be Made in U.S.

Israel’s defense builder Elta plans to manufacture parts for Iron Dome’s laser in a Maryland factory, JTA reported. The accuracy of Iron Dome’s missile defense stems from the laser, which can shoot down rockets within a circumference of 65 square miles. Once the Iron Dome is in place, the laser detects every flying object and decides—based on trajectory and velocity—whether it is a missile aimed at an Israeli town. Then, judging from the missile’s arc, the laser can determine where the missile came from, and where it is going. If the missile is headed toward a populated area, a siren warns residents while an interceptor missile takes out the incoming projectile. The laser then guides the interceptor missile to its target to take out the incoming rocket.

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Israeli Co-Ed Unit an Example for New U.S. Military Policy

With the United States military recently rescinding its policy restricting women to non-combat roles, Israel’s functioning co-ed unit provides insight for transition, Digital Journal reported. As this official policy change takes root in the U.S. military, Israel provides an example of what its implementation might one day look like. Today, Israeli women serve in 69 percent of units with 88-92 percent of roles open to them, including military police, border guards, combat pilots, K-9 units, and infantry units. One of the most well-known co-ed combat units, called Karakal, is responsible for guarding Israel's border with Egypt.

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