Defense Digest - March 2011

AIPAC's Defense Digest
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship
1. Israel’s Trophy Anti-Tank Missile System Stops Attacks2. Boeing Awards Israeli Company Major Contract3. Israel Develops Protection against Nerve Gas4. Israel Deploys Iron Dome Missile Defense System5. In Israel, Gates Affirms Right to Self-Defense FPO photo

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1. Israel’s Trophy Anti-Tank Missile System Stops Attacks

The IDF’s new Trophy anti-tank missile defense system has successfully stopped two anti-tank missiles that were fired from Gaza during the past month, The Jerusalem Post reported. This marks the first successful application of this kind of system anywhere in the world. The Trophy system is able to stop incoming missiles by spraying material in their path just after they are launched. If Trophy continues to be successful, the U.S. military has suggested that it may look to work with the IDF to obtain similar systems.

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2. Boeing Awards Israeli Company Major Contract
Elbit Systems of America, LLC, the American leg of the Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd., has been awarded a major contract from Boeing, the company announced. Elbit will develop the C-17 Replacement Head Up Display for the United States Air Force. The C-17 is able to efficiently deliver troops and cargo to operating bases and has substantial airlift and airdrop capabilities.
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3. Israel Develops Protection against Nerve Gas
3. A team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in the Israeli city of Rehovot has developed an enzyme that successfully protects against nerve gas, The Jerusalem Post reported. Tested in an American lab, the new enzyme improves upon current nerve gas treatments that are either ineffective or cause severe side effects.

4. Israel Deploys Iron Dome Missile Defense System 
4. Israel for the first time has deployed the Iron Dome missile defense system to protect citizens from incoming Palestinian rocket attacks, The New York Times reported. The move comes in the wake of a new wave of rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli cities. The Iron Dome is designed to protect Israelis by detecting the arrival of incoming rockets and firing another rocket to shoot it down before it hits its target.

5. In Israel, Gates Affirms Right to Self-Defense 
In the wake of a Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak in Tel Aviv and affirmed Israel's right to self-defense, The New York Times reported. “We underscore that Israel, like all nations, has the right to self-defense and to bring justice to the perpetrators of these repugnant acts," said Gates. The meeting also focused on the two nations’ shared concern over terrorism and the latest turmoil in the Middle East.


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