Defense Digest - September 2010

AIPAC's Defense Digest
A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship
1. U.S., Israel Strengthen Military Cooperation2. Israel Approves Purchase of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter3. Administration Notifies Congress of Fuel Sale to Israel4. NASA and Israeli Space Agency Sign MOU5. Israel Develops New Radar FPO photo

Israel is purchasing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from the United States. Read more...



1. U.S., Israel Strengthen Military Cooperation

The strategic relationship between the United States and Israel continues to grow, with the two countries recently holding their most extensive joint infantry exercise ever, The Wall Street Journal reported.  Some 200 U.S. Marines joined their Israeli counterparts for three weeks of drills, which included marches, assaults on mock villages, and other joint maneuvers. Read more... 

2. Israel Approves Purchase of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
The Israeli government has approved the purchase of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from the United States, Agence France Presse reported. The new aircraft will provide Israel with air superiority over enemy anti-aircraft defenses. The initial purchase will acquire 20 F-35’s, which will be delivered in 2015. Plans are in the works to acquire more F-35’s in the future.
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3. Administration Notifies Congress of Fuel Sale to Israel
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a possible sale of fuel, including aviation fuel, to Israel, reported. The sale will “contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country” and will “enable Israel to maintain the operational capability of its aircraft inventory,” said the DSCA.

4. NASA and Israeli Space Agency Sign MOU 
The Israeli Space Agency and the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NASA) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), reported. The agencies will identify new joint activities as they relate to Earth and space sciences, space exploration, life sciences, and other areas of mutual interest. In particular, NASA hopes to learn from Israeli skill in developing lightweight satellites that can be launched from aircraft.

5. Israel Develops New Radar 
The Raz, a new radar, has been developed in Israel to quickly and accurately detect rocket launches, reported. A trial version of the radar was initially used successfully during Operation Cast Lead to pinpoint rocket launching sites and the locations of incoming rockets. The radar also recently underwent a successful compatibility test with the Iron Dome rocket defense system.


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