Defense Digest - October 2009

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A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship
1. U.S., Israel Hold Largest-Ever Defense Exercise2. National Guard Team Joins U.S.-Israel Joint Exercise 3. U.S. Veterans Seek Out Israeli Trauma Experts4. David’s Sling Missile Defense Development Moves Forward5. Israel to Hold Its First International Air Show  FPO photo

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1. U.S., Israel Hold Largest-Ever Defense Exercise

The United States and Israel are currently holding their biennial, and largest, joint missile defense exercise, The Jerusalem Post reported. Known as Juniper Cobra, the exercise features 2,000 American and Israeli personnel drilling joint missile defense capabilities as well as emergency response to unconventional missile attacks. “Israelis and U.S. soldiers need to train to prepare for the defense of their countries, whether that training involves firing a weapon or preparing for any scenario,” said U.S. Army spokesman Major Daniel J. Meyers.

2. National Guard Team Joins U.S.-Israel Joint Exercise
The Ohio National Guard is playing a key role in the Juniper Cobra defense exercise being jointly held by the United States and Israel, reported. This is the first year that the National Guard will have boots on the ground for this biennial joint exercise. “There a lot of respect on both sides,” said Major Kevin Meislin, the National Guard Bureau operations officer. “It’s been a really positive experience so far.”
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3. U.S. Veterans Seek Out Israeli Trauma Experts
Military veteran’s groups have traveled to Israel to study how victims of terror and war are treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), The Jerusalem Post reported.  The treatment by Israel’s Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War is aimed at lessening the hardships of PTSD, which roughly 10 percent of combat veterans suffer. “These young men and women tend to deny or repress their emotional difficulties, and NATAL seeks to help them through individual and group counseling, allowing them to share their experiences while empowering them to heal,” said Orly Gal, the center’s CEO.

4. David’s Sling Missile Defense Development Moves Forward 
U.S. and Israeli companies have moved forward in funding the joint short-range ballistic missile defense program known as David’s Sling, Raytheon announced. Two contracts worth more than $100 million were awarded by Rafael, an Israeli company, to Raytheon, an American company. The money will go toward developing the interceptor component, known as Stunner, and integration of the firing mechanism. "Rafael and Raytheon are responding to the worldwide demand for affordable missile defense by co-developing a next-generation hit-to-kill interceptor," said David Stemer, Rafael's Missile Division general manager.

5. Israel to Hold Its First International Air Show 
Israel will play host to International Aerospace 2010, the largest air show ever held in the country, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported. The show promises to attract the world’s best aeronautic and aerospace companies. “Many in the technology industry, defense systems and public office view the air show for innovative technologies in Israel as a crucial milestone in the process of establishing Israel's position as an industry powerhouse,” said Dorit Aldubi Roffee, vice president of the Israel-based Technologies magazine. “The broad support and encouragement that we are receiving from important organizations points to a huge demand for a conference of this type in Israel.”


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