Defense Digest - July 2009

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A Summary of Key Articles Highlighting the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship
1. Israeli Fighter Pilots Participate in U.S. Exercise2. Israeli and U.S. Armies Hold Joint Exercise 3. Israel Successfully Tests Anti-Rocket System4. Israeli Industry Creating American Jobs for Tank Production5. U.S. and Israeli Industries Produce Surveillance Robot  FPO photo

Israeli-developed vehicle armor is creating U.S. jobs and saving lives in Afghanistan. Read more...



1. Israeli Fighter Pilots Participate in U.S. Exercise

Israeli F-16is participated in recent exercises in Nevada called Red Flag, an opportunity for pilots from the United States and allied countries from around the world to train together in a combat environment, reports. For the Israelis, the exercises also allow them to fly over unfamiliar terrain. "The reason anyone comes to Red Flag is to learn how to fight together," said Maj. Kate Lowe, Red Flag Air Boss. "So just like U.S. forces from different squadrons or sister services come together to participate, we bring in allied forces to get to know both their fighting capabilities as well as the people themselves."

2. Israeli and U.S. Armies Hold Joint Exercise
The Israeli Defense Forces and the U.S. European Command conducted a joint exercise to check the interoperability of the X-band radar with other Israeli early warning systems, The Jerusalem Post reports. When operated with other Israeli warning systems, the X-band radar allows for an alert to be issued between five and seven minutes before the impact of an enemy projectile. The exercise was held at the U.S. European Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.
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3. Israel Successfully Tests Anti-Rocket System
The Israeli-developed Iron Dome system, designed to intercept medium-range Katyusha rockets and other projectiles, recently underwent a series of successful live tests, Israel National News reports. Iron Dome is planned to become operational by 2010. The new system comes in response to the thousands of Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza in recent years.

4. Israeli Industry Creating American Jobs for Tank Production 
Plasan North America, an Israeli subsidiary, will create up to 300 new jobs in Vermont as it begins to make armor for vehicles going to Afghanistan, Forbes reports. The additional work force doubles the current levels. The new workers will help ensure that the all-terrain vehicles used in the rugged battlefield of Afghanistan will have superior armor to protect the four to five soldiers that each vehicle will hold.

5. U.S. and Israeli Industries Produce Surveillance Robot 
U.S. and Israeli companies have come together to develop an innovative surveillance mini-robot, reports. The mini-robot, called EyeDrive, is a remote-controlled device that provides continuous real-time 360-degree audio and video surveillance. Remotec Inc. in Clinton, Tennessee, will be the exclusive worldwide manufacturer for the EyeDrive, which was developed by ODF Optronics LTD in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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