Defense Digest - April 2007

AIPAC's Defense Digest is a monthly summary of key articles highlighting the cooperative defense and homeland security programs central to the strong and mutually beneficial strategic relationship between the United States and Israel. For more information on these issues, please contact AIPAC's defense team at

1. NATO Commander Praises Israel as ‘Critical Military Partner’
John Craddock, the supreme commander of NATO operations in Europe and head of the U.S. European Command, has told Congress that Israel is a "model state" and the United States' closest ally in the Middle East, Ha'aretz reports. Craddock, speaking before the House Armed Services Committee, said Israel consistently and directly supports U.S. interests through its strategic partnership with the American military.
2. Joint U.S.-Israeli Reactive Armor Decreases RPG Casualties
in Iraq
U.S. Army officials deployed reactive armor for all of the service’s Abrams tanks, Bradley armored personnel carriers and Stryker fighting vehicles due to the U.S.-Israeli program’s success in drastically decreasing the number of casualties caused by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), Defense News reports. Co-produced by General Dynamics and Israel’s Rafael Armament Development Authority, Ltd., reactive armor tiles work by outwardly detonating explosives away from the vehicle when hit by incoming fire.
3. Israeli Drones Supply U.S. with Intel on Iraq and Afghanistan
Skylark, an Israeli-developed drone, is gathering intelligence for U.S.-led forces in the global war on terror, the Associated Press reports. Elbit Systems says the small plane can be carried and operated by a single soldier, providing 6-mile coverage day or night. American ground and naval forces in Iraq have long benefited from utilizing Israeli-developed state-of-the-art defense equipment and continue to rely particularly on pilotless planes for surveillance.
4. Northrop-Israeli Satellite Venture for U.S. Military
Northrop Grumman Corporation has partnered with Israeli Aerospace Industries to offer the U.S military and intelligence agencies lighter, more-flexible spy satellites, Prime Newswire reports. The Israeli option would become operational long ahead of any homegrown alternative and would cost a fraction of the price. This 24-hour surveillance cooperative initiative meets a critical U.S. need.
5. U.S.-Israeli Arrow Serves as First Line of Missile Defense
In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Arieh Herzog, the head of Israel’s Missile Defense Agency, provides an behind-the-scenes look at how the United States and Israel are working together to ensure that the jointly developed Arrow missile defense system can defend against the long-range ballistic missile threat posed by Iran, Syria and other countries opposed to the United States and Israel.
6. Israeli Company Produces Innovative Web Security Technology
The Israeli company Finjan has developed a revolutionary new computer program that provides enhanced protection against viruses and other malicious computer code, Israel21c reports. Top American companies – including major groups like Delta and Disney – have purchased Finjan’s products, which consistently receive industry awards from leading technology analysts and publications.
7. Israeli Professor Helps U.S. Soldiers Treat Combat Trauma
An Israeli professor studying the long-term effects of war on soldiers is sharing her findings with the U.S. in order to assist American forces in Iraq, Israel21c reports. Tel Aviv University Professor Zahava Solomon, who has researched the psychological impact of war and terror for 20 years, has revolutionized the way Israeli soldiers are treated in battle, including providing them with the appropriate tools to handle combat trauma during battle.