Defense Digest - January 2007

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AIPAC's Defense Digest is a monthly compilation of news articles, feature stories and official government statements highlighting the cooperative defense and homeland security programs central to the strong and mutually beneficial strategic relationship between the two allies. For more information on these issues, please contact AIPAC's defense team at

1. Israel Inches Closer to Receiving Next-Generation Fighter Jet
Israel is closer to receiving the new fifth-generation stealth Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) after the Lockheed Martin-developed aircraft took its maiden flight a few weeks ago, The Jerusalem Post reported. Lockheed officials say Israel could begin receiving the JSF in 2014. Israel joined the program as a security cooperation participant in 2003, enabling JSF configuration exploration to meet its unique operational needs and establishing its own program office. Read more...
2. U.S. Reaps Mutual Benefit of Aid to Israel
The majority of Israel’s aid is spent on purchasing American goods for joint programs, which directly benefits the U.S., Delaware Online reported. Joint programs with Israel’s highly advanced military industry have led to sophisticated weapons systems, including the Arrow ballistic missile defense system. By extensively cooperating on defense, intelligence and economic matters, the U.S. and Israel advance their common interests of promoting freedom, fighting extremism and seeking peace and prosperity. Read more...
3. U.S. Army Orders Israeli Reactive Armor for Abrams Tank
After demonstrating success in protecting Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, the U.S. army recently decided to purchase Israeli-origin explosive reactor armor for the Abrams main battle tank, Middle East Newsline reported. Israel’s state-owned Rafael Israel Armament Development Authority will supply components for production at the General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products production facility in McHenry, Miss. Rafael’s reactive armor tiles, designed to protect armored vehicles from rocket-propelled grenades, are widely used in Iraq and have been consistently supplied to the U.S. for Bradley vehicles since 1995. Read more... (Subscription required)
4. Israeli Technology Protects U.S. Water Supply
A major east coast water utility has selected Magal’s unique all-in-one video, audio and sensor “DreamBox” system to help protect its sites from hazardous threats and malicious activities, Israel 21c reported. The Israeli company is a leading provider of outdoor perimeter security products with over 70 countries worldwide using its products to protect their borders and critical infrastructure. Read more...
5. Nevada Health Officials Learn From Israeli Experience
Dr. Branford Lee, Nevada's State Health Officer, and six other state officials recently traveled to Israel to learn how their Israeli counterparts handle emergency medical situations, Reno’s KOLO TV reported. Dr. Lee plans on taking some of the lessons he learned in Israel and using them to improve Nevada’s overall level of preparedness. Read more...
6. Israeli Device Detects Previously Untraceable Explosive
The Israeli-based company Acro recently announced that it has completed production of a handheld device that can quickly and positively identify peroxide-based explosives that have until now been virtually impossible to detect, Israel 21c reported. The device, which was developed with some American collaboration, is currently being evaluated in the United States and Europe and may help soldiers and police officers detect improvised explosives. Read more...
7. Israeli Firm Invests in Homeland Security
Israeli investment firm Athlone Global Security closed its third deal in the homeland security venture capital market this month, acquiring stock in Israel’s DefenSoft Planning Systems, Congressional Quarterly reported. The deal comes a few months after Athlone began sponsoring the Chesapeake Innovation Center, an incubator for startups looking to break into the U.S. homeland security market. Read more... (Subscription required)