Defense Digest - December 2006

1. Israeli Firm Supplies Helmets for U.S. Army
Elbit Systems of America and its Israeli subsidiary, EFW Inc., have been chosen to supply the Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS) for the U.S. Army's new armed reconnaissance helicopter, according to a recent company press release. The $51 million program will allow the pilot to fly "head out of the cockpit" during both day and night operations by projecting critical flight information into the day display and night vision goggles' view. Read more...
2. Lockheed’s Skyshield Neutralizes Palestinian Qassams
Lockheed Martin claims that its modified Skyshield 35mm Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction (AHEAD) air-defense system successfully neutralized 122mm Katyusha rockets identical to indigenous Palestinian Qassams, Jane’s Defense Weekly reported. Israel’s Ministry of Defense was presented with the test results amid its consideration of proposals for a crucial counter-rocket defense system. Read more... (Subscription required)
3. Pentagon to Test Israeli Anti-RPG System for Iraq
The Department of Defense plans to test the Israeli-made Trophy on U.S. army vehicles, Reuters reported. Trophy is designed to protect tanks and troop transports from rocket-propelled grenades which have posed a great threat to U.S. forces in Iraq. Trophy uses a unique sensor to detect an incoming missile and then fires a projectile that destroys its warhead in mid-air. Read more… Read more...
4. U.S. and Israel Cooperate on Military UGV Development
The state-owned Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) has been engaged in a joint venture with two U.S. companies to develop an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for reconnaissance and tactical battlefield missions, according to Middle East Newsline. The model will be operated by remote-control and have the ability to function in dangerous conditions and difficult terrain. The UGV prototype is expected to be followed by serial production for both the U.S. and Israeli armies.
5. Israeli Technology Quickly Identifies Fingerprints
The Israeli company BioGuard Components and Technologies has developed a new biometric technology that can identify a fingerprint in less than two seconds using a mathematical formula, Israel21c reported. The company has customers worldwide using the technology for a range of applications including securing borders, controlling access to facilities and protecting computer systems. Read more...
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