Iran’s Citizens Pay the Price for the Regime’s Regional Aggression

Recent protests across Iran highlight how the Iranian regime has harmed its own people by spending billions of dollars to support aggression across the region. The United States must stand with those in Iran who seek basic human rights and oppose Iranian efforts to expand the regime’s influence across the Middle East. The United States must implement a comprehensive strategy to thwart Iran’s aggression and secure American interests.

The United States must work to support the Iranian people and target the regime’s regional aggression. (AP Photo)

Iran’s citizens are protesting against regime corruption and costly foreign adventures. 

  • Beginning on Dec. 28, 2017, Iran’s citizens launched a wave of protests targeting rising economic distress, corruption and foreign interventions in places like Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.

  • In response, the regime has killed at least 21 citizens and arrested thousands of others. Iran has long abused its citizens’ human rights, restricting freedoms of speech, religion, assembly and association.

  • As its citizens protest economic hardships, Iran has spent billions of dollars—by some estimates up to $16 billion a year—to support Syria's brutal Assad regime, Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, Houthi rebels in Yemen, and militias in Iraq.

The United States must implement a comprehensive Iran strategy.

  • The United States must address Iran’s dangerous regional aggression, domestic repression and nuclear ambitions. To be successful, the United States must work to:

       o   Thwart Iran’s regional aggression and support for terrorism, including any permanent
             Iranian military presence in Syria.

       o   Strengthen enforcement of sanctions targeting Iran’s missile and weapons programs, the
             Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah.

       o   Support the Iranian people and target the regime’s corruption and human rights violations.

       o   Ensure Israel has the means to defend itself against increasing threats from Iran.

       o   Fix the 2015 nuclear deal's problematic sunset clauses and ensure that Iran can never
            acquire nuclear weapons.

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