Iran Compliance Recertified, Concerns Remain

On July 18, the State Department certified to Congress that Iran remains in compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This certification, required every 90 days by the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, comes as the Trump administration continues its Iran policy review. 

Iran supreme leader

Despite certification, serious concerns remain about Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement and its ongoing defiance of U.N. Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2231 which endorsed the deal.

Nuclear experts have identified multiple Iranian violations of these agreements and attempts to stretch their limits. Just this month, German intelligence reports revealed that Iran continues to seek nuclear weapons and missile technology.      

Moving forward, the United States must dramatically increase efforts to push back against Iran’s violations and ensure that the full terms of the JCPOA are strictly enforced.

Any violation of the deal or UNSCR 2231, no matter how minor, must be met with swift consequences. In addition, attempts by Iran to exploit loopholes in the deal and evade its terms must be firmly rebuffed. The administration and Congress must also increase pressure on Iran to halt its ballistic missile work and regional aggression. Today’s sanctions issued by the Trump administration against entities supporting Iran’s military and missile program are an important step forward. Lawmakers must quickly complete work on the Iran sanctions legislation currently under consideration and forward it to the president to sign and implement.