Oppose Palestinian Statehood Bid at U.N.

The Palestinian effort to secure recognition of statehood at the United Nations is a direct challenge to U.S. interests and could have severe implications for the peace process. Palestinian Authority leaders have indicated their intention to exploit recognition of Palestinian statehood to isolate Israel and attack her in international fora. The United States must continue to strongly oppose harmful Palestinian efforts at the United Nations—including through the use of its Security Council veto—and warn the Palestinians that their actions can damage U.S.-Palestinian relations and near-term prospects for peace.

Key Points

  1. The Palestinians are avoiding talks.
    Instead of talking with Israel, the Palestinian Authority has launched a campaign outside the negotiations process to win recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations this September.

  2. Palestinian actions undermine American peace efforts.
    The Palestinian statehood effort at the United Nations undermines U.S. peace efforts and rejects the principle of solving the conflict through direct negotiations with Israel.

  3. The United States should oppose the Palestinian U.N. statehood bid.
    The Obama administration must make clear to the Palestinians that it will veto any resolution in support of creating a Palestinian state at the U.N. Security Council. At the same time, the administration should press the PA to return to the negotiating table with Israel.