Foreign Aid

The United States has long defined Israel’s survival and security as important to its own national interests.

Israel serves as an anchor of stability in the Middle East and shares with the United States invaluable technology and on the ground experience that save American lives.

U.S. security assistance to Israel in the annual foreign aid bill is the most tangible manifestation of support America can provide. And given the tremendous turmoil in the Middle East, American aid is vital to ensuring that the Jewish state can defend itself—by itself—and maintain its qualitative military edge over its adversaries.

America must continue to ensure that Israel has the resources needed to respond decisively to mounting regional threats.

Talking Points

  1. A Historic 10-Year Agreement  
    In September 2016, the United States and Israel signed a new, historic 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that pledges $38 billion in U.S. security assistance to Israel beginning in 2019. Within this sum, $5 billion is dedicated to cooperative missile defense funding, which will provide Israel a stable planning environment to counter mounting threats from rockets and missiles.

  2. Foreign Aid Enables Israel to Confront Mounting Threats 
    Annual security assistance to Israel- the region’s sole democracy—is the most tangible manifestation of American support for the Jewish state. This assistance primarily takes the form of funding for Israel to purchase the arms needed to defend itself, by itself, from its adversaries. Israel’s survival, safety and security are in America’s national interest.  

  3. The United States Benefits from this Partnership 
    Cooperation between the two countries in intelligence, homeland security, missile defense and counterterrorism has helped the United States meet its growing security challenges. And as a result of the strong friendship between Israel and the United States, the Israel Defense Forces and the U.S. military share technologies and techniques that greatly benefit both nations.

  4. Foreign Aid Ensures America’s Strong Leadership Position in the World 
    At one percent of the federal budget, foreign aid is a cost-effective and relatively small investment that saves U.S. taxpayer money by helping prevent more costly wars, crises and disasters. Effective U.S. foreign aid programs help prevent terrorist attacks, weapons proliferation, pandemic disease, humanitarian crises, economic meltdown, societal collapse and the spread of radical ideology.